Volunteer Generation Fund

The Volunteer Generation Fund is a program of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The fund focuses investments in volunteer management practices that increase both volunteer recruitment and retention. Retention is key to ensuring volunteers are productively engaged and to bringing stability to nonprofit organizations.
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What is the Volunteer Generation Fund's Impact on Minnesota?

ServeMinnesota, in partnership with Minnesota Alliance for Volunteer Advancement (MAVA), proposes to continue its successful Service Enterprise Initiative (SEI) to Minnesota organizations, including their new web-based SEI modules, which expand the reach to rural areas of Minnesota. This organizational training certification expands volunteerism and the use of skills-based volunteers who increase organization’s effectiveness to address chronic community challenges. This effort strengthens the capacity of the state’s volunteer connector organizations to create and connect volunteers with high quality assignments, increasing the number of skills-based volunteers generated and retained. In the coming year, 200 organizations will be trained; increasing their capacity to recruit, connect and retain 40,000 volunteers who will contribute 500,000 service hours. Combining community and skills-based volunteer efforts, this project will result in an estimated value of over $14 million.

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